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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update 8.7.14


The KPOP world is exploding, with thrilling new singles, and a lot of groups coming back. Recently, g.o.d. had released two new songs, and have shown stronger than ever. Wings recently came back with Blossom, AOA has returned, LU:KUSS made their long awaited debut alongside B.I.G. and others, and WINNER is coming back 1st of August. However, since today I unveil a new profile, here is C-Clown.


C-Clown has recently come back with a terrific new song. Justice was a shift in style and in my eyes a slight fail, but Let's Love is now a true masterpiece, with powerful vocals and raps, and another showcase of Rome's Krumping. So here it is, C-Clown's profile!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Update 1.7.2014


The return of the legendary have been announced a while ago, and as of yesterday they have officially returned with their new single Sky Blue Promise. G.o.d., the formerly defunct million seller group that inspired so many groups of today, has finally returned for their 15th anniversary. The group had disbanded and pursued solo efforts, many of who's where extremely successful. Now under Sidus HQ, here is the profile for the legendary boy group, g.o.d.

Coming up:

See the end of this week with debutees LU:KUS, B.I.G., and HALO.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Update 28.6.14


A major apology to those expecting AOA up on this site soon, but a sudden shock to myself as well has come, where I now work 2 jobs over the summer and have limited my time further. Despite me coming home and wanting to work on this, I simply break down and fall asleep. Nevertheless, the profiles are coming, so wait a short while longer.

However, gaining a massive interest in recent KPOP and with 3 weeks of freedom coming up I would like to update a positive note. I am going to plan out a KPOP weekly Music Video Review, though the project is still in plotting phase. I will follow with an update on what's to come. Not only do I plan to review Music Videos, but also artists and even albums. I want to build this project up so that it won't be your average reaction. I will plan to give criticism where it is necessary, and will try to give an unbiased report. The first video I shall review is BEAST - Good Luck, as I have a lot to say about it (mostly good) that some people might not already know.

For the rest, the following projects are lined up: AOA, A Pink, Miss A, Shinhwa, g.o.d., Noel, TVXQ, Epik High, AKMU, 4Minute, C-Clown profiles, KPOP review, and others. Nevertheless, I plan to get this project up and running soon, and working 2 jobs over the summer, I might pick it up quickly later on in the year.

Hope you all enjoy the spirit of the World Cup 2014 amassed with the spirit of summer!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Update 3.6.2014


Rise - Taeyang

With the summer getting started our wallets are going to get empty quickly, as several artists are planning a long-awaited comeback. To name several who have very recently in the last month celebrated their comebacks include Taeyang's long awaited album Rise (I mean I've been waiting for it since Ringa Linga), Akdong Musician (Profile Coming Soon), INFINITE (Profile Coming Soon), EXO's Overdose, U-KISS (Profile Coming Soon)'s Mono Scandal, and B.A.P.'s new Unplugged Album. Those were only a few of the comebacks last month, and there are more coming!

B.A.P. - Unplugged

Amongst several highly anticipated comebacks are several long awaited ones. YG is racking up their artists with every artist planning a comeback this year. BIGBANG will officially wrap up another Solo Season after Taeyang and Daesung, and are planning to finally reunite since the success of Fantastic Baby (100 million views finally hit!!!). Despite this, first Taeyang must finish promoting his album, and they have to wait a while before allowing the YG hype to remain high after the long-awaited comeback from none other than Gangnam himself. Psy is also finally coming back on the 9th of June with a track featuring Snoop Dogg. YG still has several artists to go, with my guess being they'll finish the year off with WINNER.

Topp Dogg - Amadeus

YG isn't the only company severely preparing comebacks. The vocal duo Davichi (Profile Coming Soon) is also coming up next week, alongside Boyfriend and Beast, who's Korean comebacks have also been long awaited. Boyfriend have been extremely busy promoting in Japan, and are finally releasing a new album come this week. Beast have been doing the same, though I'm extremely digging their Japanese single Adrenaline. To stack up on the expected comebacks list is Topp Dogg with Amadeus, and I really hope this sky-rockets them to where I want them to be: the Top. ZE:A is also on their way to releasing a long awaited united comeback, after promoting in sub-units. Am I also one of the only ones who cannot wait for Crush's first solo album this week? To finish the known upcoming schedule is AOA (Profile Coming Soon), who are preparing a release with Brave Brothers.

ZE:A First Homme

There are some groups planning to release stuff too, but the concept nor the dates are known yet. The Big Three Boys are coming out (Super Junior, BIGBANG, 2PM) all on unknown dates, and for Super Junior it's been forever since something I actually liked from them since Sexy Free and Single (Swing was ok, Break Down was ok, Hero was ok...). They have lost a couple of crucial members and are going to miss out on several members too due to military commitments, but with my bias Leeteuk having been released from the army, we can only assume the best. Also rumored to comeback soon are f(x) (FINALLY WTH SM), KARA (Though with new members. Profile will be released after), Got7, and Girls Generation.

Crush - Crush On You

A busy summer for KPOP, but I cannot wait!


Boyfriend - Obession

Profiles out now are Boyfriend and ZE:A, with upcoming INFINITE, U-KISS, Akdong Musician, 15&, Davichi, AOA, and VIXX to make up for the lack of posts. Expect them all by the end of this week!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Update 27.2.2014


After another long break, the new female group profile has been published!

Ladies Code - Hate You
L-R: Zuny, EunB, Sojung, Ashley, RiSe
Ladies Code is a 5 member girl group that debuted on February 24th, 2013. Their talents have been displayed prior to their debut, and have a unique color that makes them stand out amongst their senior girl groups. Fighting hard to garner as many views as possible, support the lovely women of Ladies Code!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Update 14.2.14


Due to a health issue I had I have been unable to upload anything for a while. But I'm better now, so what better profile to introduce on valentine's day than the group who practically owns Korean love songs?


2AM is a 4-member ballad group under Big Hit Entertainment. The leader of the group is known to be the longest trainee in KPOP history, but leads the group well. They are known for their powerful harmonies, touching love songs, and vocal strength, and have sung hit after hit. So here they are, the ballad group 2AM!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update 30.1.14


The new profile is here, featuring SM's other girl group!

f(x) is a 5 member girl group under SM Entertainment. The group is fully multinational and are known often as the "Female SHINee" for their skills in difficult choreography. The group has branched out to Japan and have performed in New York's Madison Square Garden with fellow SM groups! Their success is ever growing, so watch and support them as they make their way to the top of the KPOP scene.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Update 25.1.14


The new profile is finally here! Uni's been cramming my time majorly, but the weekend brings out 6 boys from the shadows.

BEAST (Often stylized as B2ST) is a 6 member boy group under Cube Entertainment. The 6 boys all have a very different vocal style that makes them all easily recognizable, but their talent to bring it together as one is what makes these boys stand out from the rest. Their catchy dances and catchy songs have helped to grow these boys to men dominant in the KPOP industry. So support them on their ride to domination. Here is BEAST!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Update 21.1.14


University has started up again and the work is piling up. However, I introduce you now to the artists who motivate me most. My favorite non-hiphop KPOP group, MBLAQ!

MBLAQ is a 5 member group under J.Tune Entertainment. They are a group managed by the famous solo artist and actor Rain, and the group have yet to show signs of stopping. Their popularity rises every time they release a song, showing new sides of themselves, and appealing to a wider audience. So here they are, the spectacularly likable MBLAQ!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Update 18.1.13


Apologies for the three day leave, I've been focusing on university a bit. However, here is a group every KPOP fan has definitely heard of.

BIGBANG is a 5-member group from YG Entertainment. This group has made history since their majorly successful "Haru Haru" which pretty much put them up at the top of every chart since. The group have been titled the kings of KPOP and have made popularity all over the world, with Taeyang's Ringa Linga getting him offers from US Labels and T.O.P. being put in Rolling Stones' magazine top 11 faces. They have been selling millions of records and are one of the few groups in control of what they release. Enough babbling about my favorite group out there, enjoy their profile!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Update 15.1.14


JYP's first release in 2014 mark the start of a new boy group!


Got7 is a 7-member boy group from JYP Entertainment, who made their official debut on January 15th, 2014 with the song "Girls Girls Girls." They give off a Hip Hop vibe, and they've all had appearances aside from one member who was kept secret until the last teaser photos. JJ Project's members are part of the group as well, and thus we can only expect a promising start to Got7's career!

This profile will be updated once more information is available about the group (official positions).

YG's only girl group who doesn't hesitate to show everyone what they're made of!

2NE1 Promo

2NE1 is a 4-member girl group under YG Entertainment. The foursome have gained immense popularity over the years, having one of the highest viewed KPop videos, as well as having had the honor of collaborating with Will.I.Am! The girls look like they have nowhere to go but up, so support them as they conquer the world!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Update 13.1.14


The power of rookies is never to be underestimated. Here is one of the fastest growing groups ever!

Exo is a 12 member group, initially sub divided into 2 sub groups: a chinese promoting group EXO-M and a korean group EXO-K. They are under SM Entertainment. The group exploded like crazy upon their debut, with their numerous teaser released to promote the members, and a successful debut album. The group has begun to majorly work on their musical skills, showing their versatility in rap, dance, and powerful vocals, in multiple languages. So here's the profile for the lovable EXO!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Update 12.1.14


Another new addition to the list of 2012 rookies who made it big!

B.A.P. (Best. Absolute. Perfect) is a 6-member boy band under TS Entertainment. The group is known for having complete creative control over their music, writing lyrics and even recording instruments. The group is extremely versatile and their debut single did more than just display that. The group members all stand out, Daehyun having extremely high vocal range, Zelo having been 15 when he rapped 16 syllables per second speed, almost topping the world record, Jongup having choreographed the Warrior's tough catchy and difficult dance, and much more. The group is one to watch out for, as they'll only keep surprising listeners. So here they are, B.A.P!

Bangtan Boys (BTS)

Yes, here is the next boygroup, and a personal favorite!

Bangtan Boys (Often stylized as BTS) is a 7-member hip hop group under Big Hit Entertainment. They have taken the scene by storm with their heavy hip hop anthems, hard hitting raps, meaningful lyrics, and artistic choreography. For a young rookie group, these 7 boys debuted as underrated school boys, who end up making their music a statement out to all the school boys. What sets these boys apart from the KPOP scene nowadays is that they keep it hip hop, and meaningful, not lovey dovey. Watch out for these badboys, as they might lead the KPOP wave into a new hip hop orientated scene if they continue growing!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Leeteuk :(

Leeteuk :(

Leeteuk is an exemplary Leader, and has been regarded by other leaders as "their influence on leadership." It is this reason that it brings me great sadness to hear what has happened.

Leeteuk is the Leader of boyband Super Junior, under SM Entertainment. He took his temporary leave from the group to do his Mandatory Military Duty, but during his time in the army things took an unexpected turn.

Before I give out the known details, I want to show how great this man truly is. Leeteuk has been a strong hearted person, always smiling and full of joy, and has given solace and care to his fellow group mates if not the whole SM Company when anyone needed it. He is the most approachable and caring man I've ever heard of.
When Donghae's father passed, Leeteuk was there day and night for him to console him and give him all the support he needed. He was involved in a major car accident with Kyuhyun, Shindong, and Eunhyuk, the latter mildly scratched, while he was well damaged. But what was even more noteworthy is that despite the shock and unconsciousness he was in, he managed to awaken briefly to utter "Where's Kyuhyun? Is Kyuhyun okay?" as he was pushed into the ambulance. Kyuhyun was in severe condition, and Leeteuk consistently stood by his side, waiting for him to recover and heal again.

More has happened to the group, as their ride has never been an easy one. And now, we unfortunately have to witness Leeteuk's rough patch.

So now to tell you what happened recently. Leeteuk had to hear the news of his grandparents and his father's passing. I would like to express my sincere condolences and best wishes to Leeteuk, as I cannot even begin to imagine how he must feel. It was obvious he was trying hard to stay strong as his relatives were being lifted into the car in a coffin, but it was impossible to hold in his tears and sadness. All Super Junior members cancelled their programs to be there for him, and many of his friends and coworkers mourned with him. I have never seen anything more tear-jerking than Leeteuk breaking into tears.

What's even worse to read as the investigation continues is what actually happened. The news disclosed it as a car accident, however they were actually found at home. Now it's a possible suicide investigation, which is a very unpleasant thing to hear. My bias in Super Junior and my favorite Leader in KPOP now has to deal with all this, and it's heartbreaking to have to hear it.

I wish all the best to the guardian angel. Hope he receives all the care and strength he deserves, and hope he grows stronger than ever after this moment. I cannot wait to see him smile and lead again. It's our turn to stand by his side now, and I can imagine that many KPOP fans are as well.
Leeteuk oppa saranghae!

Update 10.1.14


The next post is out! In honor of Leeteuk's current situation, as readers might have speculated, here is the profile of Super Junior!

Super Junior is a 12 member group, featuring an additional 2 in their Chinese sub-unit, under the label SM Entertainment. They debuted in 2005 under the name Super Junior 05 with the album Twins, intending for a rotary group, but later added Kyuhyun and Super Junior maintained its current line-up since. Despite originally being a 13-member group, Hankyung, or in Chinese Han Geng, filed a lawsuit due to poor treatment and an unlawful contract, and officially left the group in 2011. Along with this, member Kibum is currently inactive in order to focus on his acting career. Finally, members are slowly taking their turns performing military duty, so far Heechul and Kangin having completed it.

Despite the line-up changes, Super Junior have remained one of the biggest hit groups in Kpop, and have been told they were partly responsible for the Hallyu Wave, or the invasion of Korean Culture. Super Junior has maintained incredible success, even amongst its many alternative activities and sub-groups, and do not look as though they're slowing down any time soon.

So here it is: the complete Super Junior Profile!


The first Girl Group!

Nine Muses (Often stylized as 9MUSES) is a 9 member girl group from Star Empire Entertainment. They are often dubbed as the mature version of SNSD, mainly due to the equal number of members in both groups. However, both groups have a different style. 9MUSES' members are not only well received for their singing, dancing, and rapping, but have all also had modeling experience, Hyuna leading with the amount of experience a member has had. So enjoy!

Nine Muses

Girls' Generation

They are the hottest thing in K-Pop now, as they continue to grow and spread world wide. Their name says it all, so welcome to the profile page!

Girls' Generation is a 9-member girl group under SM Entertainment. Previously planned to be a female version of Super Junior, the group manages to surpass their seniors in popularity, with the SONEs growing ever so largely. The group is not only beautiful, but are equally as talented. Having won a Youtube Awards against Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga amongst others, the group has put its name on the map in multiple countries, even the USA. So please continue to support them, here is Girls' Generation!



Hello Readers and welcome to the K-POP profiles page! The blog started on January 10th, 2014, so bear with the information that's upcoming! Make sure to check the page daily for updates on who's going to be posted next. For starters, I give you three groups: SHINee, Topp Dogg, and WINNER.

SHINee is a 5 member group from SM Entertainment, who debuted with the R&B influenced "Replay." They have a huge fan base and have been promoting actively, gaining a mass of popularity amongst fans worldwide.

Topp Dogg is a 13 member group from Stardom Entertainment, former label of Block B, who debuted with the heavy hip hop track "Follow Me." They have been promoted as the Hip Hop Super Junior, emphasizing their individual uniqueness that make the group come together as one. I see them growing huge in the future, so follow them closely.

WINNER is a 5 member group fom YG Entertainment, and have not yet formally debuted. Spawning as winners from the survival show "WIN: Who Is Next"as Team A, the group garnered a huge amount of fans worldwide, and have already set foot in Japan promoting for BIGBANG. Their debut is highly anticipated with the success of their self composed song "Go Up," which was performed during the finals of the program.

Keep updated, and make sure to check the "About Me" section as well for more information on the page and the future of it!