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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Update 12.1.14


Another new addition to the list of 2012 rookies who made it big!

B.A.P. (Best. Absolute. Perfect) is a 6-member boy band under TS Entertainment. The group is known for having complete creative control over their music, writing lyrics and even recording instruments. The group is extremely versatile and their debut single did more than just display that. The group members all stand out, Daehyun having extremely high vocal range, Zelo having been 15 when he rapped 16 syllables per second speed, almost topping the world record, Jongup having choreographed the Warrior's tough catchy and difficult dance, and much more. The group is one to watch out for, as they'll only keep surprising listeners. So here they are, B.A.P!

Bangtan Boys (BTS)

Yes, here is the next boygroup, and a personal favorite!

Bangtan Boys (Often stylized as BTS) is a 7-member hip hop group under Big Hit Entertainment. They have taken the scene by storm with their heavy hip hop anthems, hard hitting raps, meaningful lyrics, and artistic choreography. For a young rookie group, these 7 boys debuted as underrated school boys, who end up making their music a statement out to all the school boys. What sets these boys apart from the KPOP scene nowadays is that they keep it hip hop, and meaningful, not lovey dovey. Watch out for these badboys, as they might lead the KPOP wave into a new hip hop orientated scene if they continue growing!

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