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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Leeteuk :(

Leeteuk :(

Leeteuk is an exemplary Leader, and has been regarded by other leaders as "their influence on leadership." It is this reason that it brings me great sadness to hear what has happened.

Leeteuk is the Leader of boyband Super Junior, under SM Entertainment. He took his temporary leave from the group to do his Mandatory Military Duty, but during his time in the army things took an unexpected turn.

Before I give out the known details, I want to show how great this man truly is. Leeteuk has been a strong hearted person, always smiling and full of joy, and has given solace and care to his fellow group mates if not the whole SM Company when anyone needed it. He is the most approachable and caring man I've ever heard of.
When Donghae's father passed, Leeteuk was there day and night for him to console him and give him all the support he needed. He was involved in a major car accident with Kyuhyun, Shindong, and Eunhyuk, the latter mildly scratched, while he was well damaged. But what was even more noteworthy is that despite the shock and unconsciousness he was in, he managed to awaken briefly to utter "Where's Kyuhyun? Is Kyuhyun okay?" as he was pushed into the ambulance. Kyuhyun was in severe condition, and Leeteuk consistently stood by his side, waiting for him to recover and heal again.

More has happened to the group, as their ride has never been an easy one. And now, we unfortunately have to witness Leeteuk's rough patch.

So now to tell you what happened recently. Leeteuk had to hear the news of his grandparents and his father's passing. I would like to express my sincere condolences and best wishes to Leeteuk, as I cannot even begin to imagine how he must feel. It was obvious he was trying hard to stay strong as his relatives were being lifted into the car in a coffin, but it was impossible to hold in his tears and sadness. All Super Junior members cancelled their programs to be there for him, and many of his friends and coworkers mourned with him. I have never seen anything more tear-jerking than Leeteuk breaking into tears.

What's even worse to read as the investigation continues is what actually happened. The news disclosed it as a car accident, however they were actually found at home. Now it's a possible suicide investigation, which is a very unpleasant thing to hear. My bias in Super Junior and my favorite Leader in KPOP now has to deal with all this, and it's heartbreaking to have to hear it.

I wish all the best to the guardian angel. Hope he receives all the care and strength he deserves, and hope he grows stronger than ever after this moment. I cannot wait to see him smile and lead again. It's our turn to stand by his side now, and I can imagine that many KPOP fans are as well.
Leeteuk oppa saranghae!

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