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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Update 10.1.14


The next post is out! In honor of Leeteuk's current situation, as readers might have speculated, here is the profile of Super Junior!

Super Junior is a 12 member group, featuring an additional 2 in their Chinese sub-unit, under the label SM Entertainment. They debuted in 2005 under the name Super Junior 05 with the album Twins, intending for a rotary group, but later added Kyuhyun and Super Junior maintained its current line-up since. Despite originally being a 13-member group, Hankyung, or in Chinese Han Geng, filed a lawsuit due to poor treatment and an unlawful contract, and officially left the group in 2011. Along with this, member Kibum is currently inactive in order to focus on his acting career. Finally, members are slowly taking their turns performing military duty, so far Heechul and Kangin having completed it.

Despite the line-up changes, Super Junior have remained one of the biggest hit groups in Kpop, and have been told they were partly responsible for the Hallyu Wave, or the invasion of Korean Culture. Super Junior has maintained incredible success, even amongst its many alternative activities and sub-groups, and do not look as though they're slowing down any time soon.

So here it is: the complete Super Junior Profile!


The first Girl Group!

Nine Muses (Often stylized as 9MUSES) is a 9 member girl group from Star Empire Entertainment. They are often dubbed as the mature version of SNSD, mainly due to the equal number of members in both groups. However, both groups have a different style. 9MUSES' members are not only well received for their singing, dancing, and rapping, but have all also had modeling experience, Hyuna leading with the amount of experience a member has had. So enjoy!

Nine Muses

Girls' Generation

They are the hottest thing in K-Pop now, as they continue to grow and spread world wide. Their name says it all, so welcome to the profile page!

Girls' Generation is a 9-member girl group under SM Entertainment. Previously planned to be a female version of Super Junior, the group manages to surpass their seniors in popularity, with the SONEs growing ever so largely. The group is not only beautiful, but are equally as talented. Having won a Youtube Awards against Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga amongst others, the group has put its name on the map in multiple countries, even the USA. So please continue to support them, here is Girls' Generation!

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