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Thursday, January 9, 2014



Hello Readers and welcome to the K-POP profiles page! The blog started on January 10th, 2014, so bear with the information that's upcoming! Make sure to check the page daily for updates on who's going to be posted next. For starters, I give you three groups: SHINee, Topp Dogg, and WINNER.

SHINee is a 5 member group from SM Entertainment, who debuted with the R&B influenced "Replay." They have a huge fan base and have been promoting actively, gaining a mass of popularity amongst fans worldwide.

Topp Dogg is a 13 member group from Stardom Entertainment, former label of Block B, who debuted with the heavy hip hop track "Follow Me." They have been promoted as the Hip Hop Super Junior, emphasizing their individual uniqueness that make the group come together as one. I see them growing huge in the future, so follow them closely.

WINNER is a 5 member group fom YG Entertainment, and have not yet formally debuted. Spawning as winners from the survival show "WIN: Who Is Next"as Team A, the group garnered a huge amount of fans worldwide, and have already set foot in Japan promoting for BIGBANG. Their debut is highly anticipated with the success of their self composed song "Go Up," which was performed during the finals of the program.

Keep updated, and make sure to check the "About Me" section as well for more information on the page and the future of it!

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