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Friday, June 27, 2014

Update 28.6.14


A major apology to those expecting AOA up on this site soon, but a sudden shock to myself as well has come, where I now work 2 jobs over the summer and have limited my time further. Despite me coming home and wanting to work on this, I simply break down and fall asleep. Nevertheless, the profiles are coming, so wait a short while longer.

However, gaining a massive interest in recent KPOP and with 3 weeks of freedom coming up I would like to update a positive note. I am going to plan out a KPOP weekly Music Video Review, though the project is still in plotting phase. I will follow with an update on what's to come. Not only do I plan to review Music Videos, but also artists and even albums. I want to build this project up so that it won't be your average reaction. I will plan to give criticism where it is necessary, and will try to give an unbiased report. The first video I shall review is BEAST - Good Luck, as I have a lot to say about it (mostly good) that some people might not already know.

For the rest, the following projects are lined up: AOA, A Pink, Miss A, Shinhwa, g.o.d., Noel, TVXQ, Epik High, AKMU, 4Minute, C-Clown profiles, KPOP review, and others. Nevertheless, I plan to get this project up and running soon, and working 2 jobs over the summer, I might pick it up quickly later on in the year.

Hope you all enjoy the spirit of the World Cup 2014 amassed with the spirit of summer!

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