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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update 8.7.14


The KPOP world is exploding, with thrilling new singles, and a lot of groups coming back. Recently, g.o.d. had released two new songs, and have shown stronger than ever. Wings recently came back with Blossom, AOA has returned, LU:KUSS made their long awaited debut alongside B.I.G. and others, and WINNER is coming back 1st of August. However, since today I unveil a new profile, here is C-Clown.


C-Clown has recently come back with a terrific new song. Justice was a shift in style and in my eyes a slight fail, but Let's Love is now a true masterpiece, with powerful vocals and raps, and another showcase of Rome's Krumping. So here it is, C-Clown's profile!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Update 1.7.2014


The return of the legendary have been announced a while ago, and as of yesterday they have officially returned with their new single Sky Blue Promise. G.o.d., the formerly defunct million seller group that inspired so many groups of today, has finally returned for their 15th anniversary. The group had disbanded and pursued solo efforts, many of who's where extremely successful. Now under Sidus HQ, here is the profile for the legendary boy group, g.o.d.

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See the end of this week with debutees LU:KUS, B.I.G., and HALO.