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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update 8.7.14


The KPOP world is exploding, with thrilling new singles, and a lot of groups coming back. Recently, g.o.d. had released two new songs, and have shown stronger than ever. Wings recently came back with Blossom, AOA has returned, LU:KUSS made their long awaited debut alongside B.I.G. and others, and WINNER is coming back 1st of August. However, since today I unveil a new profile, here is C-Clown.


C-Clown has recently come back with a terrific new song. Justice was a shift in style and in my eyes a slight fail, but Let's Love is now a true masterpiece, with powerful vocals and raps, and another showcase of Rome's Krumping. So here it is, C-Clown's profile!

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