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Hello Readers! I go under the pseudonym of Verdelet Grey, and I'm an avid K-pop follower. My passion in singing, rapping, and dancing I contribute largely to my influence on K-pop. I reviewed past K-pop profiles from sites such as Sumandu and Miss Kpop, but found that some profiles are either not accurate as the groups have changed, or not up to date. So I plan to slowly, starting January 10th, post K-pop profiles, including a minor background, and potentially building a Discography list for each group so you can support them on Youtube and on iTunes. My plan for this page is to build it into an ultimate KPOP resource.

Please note that some information is not available as of yet, such as some information on Topp Dogg. I also tend to organize my profiles. Leaders usually get a different photo so they stand out, and for larger groups I try to organize them as well, such as Topp Dogg's separation of rappers, dancers, and vocalists by photo origins. I also get some photos from other web pages, so if a photo is down, let me know and I'll find another one to post in its stead. Please feel free to comment on each page, correcting information, adding information, and feel free to give suggestions as to who I should post next.

Once I have some pages up, I will start to organize them more as well, so don't worry if girl groups and guy groups are mixed up and not alphabetical. Plus, I might update some group's photo's to their newest release. I plan to also release actors and actresses, as well as rappers, solo artists, and well known dancers. Perhaps I might even add companies and their info's! If you wish for some other information to add (aside from weight, as I feel it's usually inconsistent as we are all human), then let me know!

Thank you, and support my page and the artists!

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